The Monstad Pier

Brian Campbell was retained by Redondo Beach Fisherman’s Wharf Company to sell the remaining leasehold on the famous Monstad Pier, which extends out over the Pacific Ocean from Redondo Beach. Brian Campbell, in addition to being a long-time and nationally recognized commercial real estate broker is also a former mayor of Rancho Palos Verdes and stated “this historical property at the center of the Redondo Beach Pier has been for decades a major shopping, dining, and leisure-time destination, attracting generations of Southern California residents and travelers from around the world. The entire south bay area of Los Angeles is excited about what the new owner will do for the next generation of visitors.

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THE Redondo Beach PIER

The City of Redondo Beach has contracted with BC Urban to manage the leasing for all 35 acres and several hundred thousand square feet of office, retail, and marina space. We also provided advisory services for the attempted revitalization project. This assignment includes all of the waterfront holdings; Fisherman's Warf, Pier Plaza, International Boardwalk, and the Redondo Beach Marina. 

At the Redondo Beach Pier, BC Urban’s work has helped to increased the City of Redondo Beach’s revenue from the waterfront properties to record highs. BC Urban’s leasing team has increased Pier Plaza’s occupancy from 60 percent to 99 percent in three years, fully leased International Boardwalk for the first time in decades, and streamlined the leasing process using new cloud-based technology. 

BC Urban has partnered with the facility management team at the Redondo Beach Waterfront for almost four years, ensuring best-of-class service to both the tenants and landlord. 

Montgomery Securities | Bank of America | San Francisco, CA | 475,000 square feet

Montgomery Securities occupied approximately 475,000 square feet in the Transamerica Pyramid and an adjacent office building in downtown San Francisco. Historically, the company had worked with competing teams of brokers from CBRE and Cushman & Wakefield on commercial real estate issues. When Bank of America acquired Montgomery Securities, it hired BC Urban's Brian Campbell to take the lead brokerage and advisory position on commercial real estate matters. Brian successfully integrated the two competing brokerage firms under his leadership. This strengthened Montgomery Securities' negotiating position with the multiple landlords competing for this business and ultimately structured an innovative market-leading $450 million 15-year lease consolidation and renewal. 

Hearst Corporation | Charlotte, NC | 205,000 square feet

BC Urban was retained by New York City-based Hearst Corporation, the magazine publisher and co-owner of ESPN Network, to identify and negotiate a new location for their headquarters in the Southeast. We negotiated a 15-year lease of 205,000 square feet in a new 52-story high-rise in downtown Charlotte, with Hearst Corporation as the lead tenant and the tower bearing their name: Hearst Tower. the lease included numerous clauses for built-in flexibility to allow Hearst to grow within the building. This outstanding result for our client was the result of more than four years of diligent effort on our part, which included 21 trips to Charlotte or New York and 4,000 phone or conference calls.

AT&T | Pasadena, CA

BC Urban was retained by AT&T to sell a surplus property in Pasadena, CA from their large property portfolio. After the initial marketing of the property for sale, interest was so high that BC Urban converted the selling process to an auction. This nimble conversion from a standard sale process to a fast-moving auction resulted in the ultimate sale of the site for more than 200% of the property's original appraisal value. 


Columbus Technology | El Segundo, CA | 12,000 square feet

BC Urban was retained by this fast growing aerospace company to assist with the relocation of their HQ from Pasadena to El Segundo, CA. After securing a below market long-term lease with the flexibility built in to handle their expected growth, BC Urban was then retained by Columbus to handle the negotiations for their east coast operations outside of Washington, DC near Goddard Space Center. 

Transamerica | Kansas City, MO | 200,000 square feet

We negotiated a 15-year sublease from AT&T for 200,000 square feet at the Town Pavillon building in downtown Kansas City, MO and negotiated an agreement with the City of Kansas City to build a new parking garage, at no cost to the client, and exclusively for the more than 600 Transamerica employees that were relocated from Los Angeles. This major transaction was instrumental in beginning the resurgence of downtown Kansas City's business district. Transamerica's name is on top of the building. 

EVR Building.JPG

E.V. Roberts | Carson, CA | 26,000 square feet

BC Urban was retained to analyze the relocation options and financial and tax benefits of various potential alternative sites for this 75-year-old company. After 18 months of facility tours, negotiations with various municipal entities regarding job training and other tax benefits available to this fast growing firm, E.V. Roberts ultimately chose a modern 26,000 square foot facility located in the city of Carson, CA. 

Transamerica Life | Charlotte, NC | 175,000 square feet

Brian Campbell was retained by Transamerica Life to conduct a national analysis of the possible relocation of approximately 1,000 employees from downtown Los Angeles, CA. We initially negotiated a lease for two floors at the Bank of America headquarters building in Charlotte, NC for the advance group with an early termination clause. We later negotiated a new 15-year 175,000 square foot lease BTS with an option to purchase in the newly built Transamerica Square. The purchase option was unique in that it allowed Transamerica to purchase the entire 45,000 square foot project at its original construction cost, with no CPI or other escalations at anytime during the potential 30 year term of the original lease and renewal options. 

Blue Shield | Los Angeles, CA | 98,000 square feet

BC Urban, LLC completed a 98,000 square foot complex tenant representative office lease for the national health care provider, Blue Shield. Tremendous flexibility was required to both grow in size and simultaneously maintain space flexibility within the leased space envelope to ensure that it could react promptly to future customer requirements. 

21st Century Insurance | Dallas, TX | 167,000 square feet

Brian Campbell and Paul Stockwell (now a senior executive at CBRE) were hired by 21st to restructure the existing 60,000 square foot headquarters lease and conduct a nationwide search for a new 167,000 square foot regional operations center that ultimately went to the Dallas-Fort Worth area. Initially structured as a long-term lease, the Texas building also contained a purchase option which 21st exercised and resulted in the savings of millions of dollars in occupancy costs. 

Bank of America | Houston, Texas | 465,000 square feet

BC Urban was retained to renew and restructure a complex office lease for 24 floors in downtown Houston. We managed and led a multidiscipline team of professionals with expertise in lease auditing, space planning, public agency incentives, and tax and financial analysis.

The principles at BC Urban have represented Bank of America and related subsidiaries on numerous leases spanning four continents.